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What are mice up to this time of year in New Jersey?

Even if you’re an endless summer kind of person, it’s hard not to appreciate the first fall morning that signals the transition from one season to the next. It’s like welcoming an old friend that has been out of town for a while and who has returned in a blaze of color and with a truckload of pumpkins. Of course, like every season under the sun, fall has its downsides too. For instance, cold air, snow, and ice won’t be too far behind, and mice are undoubtedly trying to find ways into your house. Yes, mice are on the move but are they more of a problem now than at other times of the year? Let’s discuss this. 

Organic Rodent Control

Are mice more active right now?

You might say we’re on the cusp of mouse season but not because they aren’t active all year long (because they are), it’s just right now their need for warm shelter and easy access to food and water is ramping up. Since their survival depends on the three elements just mentioned, it only makes sense that fall is when homeowners detect more mouse activity in and around their homes.

Should you be alarmed if you find a mouse in the house?​

Anytime you have rodents in your home (excluding guinea pigs and other varieties you introduce as pets), there’s cause for concern. That’s because mice and other types of rodents in New Jersey are capable of causing damage and creating health hazards.

Damage caused by mice​

Although we’ve mentioned this many times, it bears repeating -mice have incisors that never stop growing. To keep their teeth at a manageable length, they must chew and chew and chew… you get the point. Really, it’s a never-ending battle and one that adversely affects us. You see, mice don’t just chew their food 100 times per bite, they chew on anything they can get their teeth on. That includes drywall, electrical wires, pvc pipe, flooring, electrical equipment, cardboard boxes, Christmas decorations, and furniture; really the list could go on and on.  The end result is not in the favor of the homeowner as you can imagine and not only creates extensive damage but could require costly repairs. Let’s not even go into the fire hazards these little gnawers create. 

Health and safety risks associated with mice​

Mice don’t simply stay in one spot chewing; they move around and when they do they leave a trail of urine and feces everywhere they go. As you can well imagine, mouse poop in your pantry, on your kitchen counter, or even in your utensil drawer can expose your family to diseases commonly spread by these small critters – salmonella and hantavirus being a couple of the more notorious ones. 

Signs you have a mouse problem​

When it comes to protecting your home and family from exposure to mice, we recommend implementing prevention strategies (more on that in a minute) and knowing what to look for so that should these pests infiltrate your home, you’ll be able to act quickly. To that end, here are a few signs of mice to keep an eye out for:

  • Mouse poop & urine 
  • Chew marks on food packaging
  • Holes in cardboard boxes, walls, floors, and other building materials
  • Attic insulation, fabric, shredded paper, and other materials shredded to create nests
  • Rub marks along walls and other surfaces
  • Paw prints in dirt and dust along the edges of rooms
  • Offensive odors coming from the walls or overhead

How to discourage mice from infesting your home this fall​

  • Seal any holes inside and outside of your home from foundation to roofline
  • Remove leaves, tree branches, mulch, and other organic debris mice might use for nesting
  • Eliminate potential food sources in your yard and keep your trash stored in containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Store firewood away from your house and up off the ground
  • Refrain from feeding birds or other wildlife
  • Keep your kitchen spotless 
  • Store food in glass containers 
  • Get rid of clutter throughout the house 
Organic Rodent Control

What to do if you suspect a mouse problem in your house?

If you’ve watched mice scurry out of reach, have heard noises coming from wall voids or overhead at night, or have found other evidence to suggest you have a mouse problem in your home, contact Swat Pest Control right away. Offering rodent control in Manalapan, Middletown, and Woodbridge as well as throughout our multi-county service area, we have the tools and experience to evict your unwanted houseguests.

For homeowners who’d prefer a rodent and insect free home all year round, consider signing up for one of Swat’s ongoing home pest control solutions. Compare residential plans and pricing below or, if you’d like to talk with one of our friendly customer service representatives, simply give us a call!