The Problem

As a mom, I understand how upsetting it is to find a tick on your child or pet from your backyard. After moving to a new house, we found that there were a large number of unwanted pests. We called pest control companies near me and were told they didn’t have an effective, natural option. I did not want cheap, toxic and unhealthy sprays used around my children and fur babies. We needed an effective, safe, all-natural pest control spray for our yard.

eco friendly pest control

The Solution

After years of research, my mission was to find a completely safe and natural pest control spray solution near me. After extensive testing of different treatments in our yard we found the one that works best. This is how Bite Back started and now Swat All Natural Pest Control.. Let us take care of your pest problems with an all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, USA made and safe solution that is just as effective as the cheap toxic spray used by others.

"As a mom, you’re always focused on your kids total well-being. So while I wanted to be rid of annoying pests, I also didn’t want to spray toxic, unhealthy pesticides around them or their environment."
Swat all natural pest Control New Jersey
Laurie W.

Why use Swat?

Eco Friendly & Natural

We only use green, environmentally friendly products that are Made in the USA & shown in studies to be as effective as the neurotoxins used by others.

Non Toxic &
Child Safe

Once we have treated your home your children are safe to continue to play & be safe from pests & harmful pesticides.

Non Toxic &
Pet Safe

Your dog can enjoy their yard without concern for what has been sprayed. Our spray is a pet safe, pest repellent for your yard. Pets love us!

Butterfly and Honey Bee Approved

It will not harm bees & butterflies. Swat is a non-repellent to beneficials, which are essential to pollination in our natural ecosystem.


We only use the same trustworthy solutions in your home that we use in ours!

Hello and Welcome to Swat All Natural Pest Control. I would like to share my story with you and how Swat All Natural Pest Control came to be.

My name is Laurie and I live in Monmouth County with my husband, three children and my two dogs. We chose this area based on the beautiful woods that surround our home as I am sure many of you have. With that beauty, came a nightmare I had not known before…

Our Process

Swat all natural pest Control New Jersey

Step 1

Call, text or email to schedule your service dates.

organic pest spray

Step 2

We will notify you via email and/or text message as a reminder the day before your service date.

organic pest spray

Step 3

Our trained technicians use our all natural & organic spray & pest control spray to target & kill bugs immediately & create a barrier that keeps them from coming back.

Swat All Natural Pest Control New Jersey

Step 4

To keep the natural pest control barrier intact for continued protection, our natural spray treatments are recommended once every 3 months.

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